Portraits of the Homeless People by Photographer Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries takes photographs of the homeless people of the  United Kingdom. Each portrait he takes has a story, a completed moment full of pain or sorrow or madness or kindness which you can see in the eyes of his subjects.

In his interview to Lomography, Lee about his work says: I don’t photograph every homeless person I see. I have had to have recognized something in them that I would consider would fit the emotional element I demand from my images. Having recognized that quality I play by the rules. I’m always polite…stay and talk for as long as they are comfortable having me there, offer them something be it food/money or even just a hug. I’m looking to capture an emotion and being so close allows me to do that. I wouldn’t get anything nearly as intimate if I was way across the street as indeed I was when I first started out on this process.