Humans and Nature in Photo Series "In the Blue Dress" by Jelena Osmolovska

Latvian photographer Jelena Osmolovska captures beautiful portraits of women in various natural settings. With calm and contemplative expression, each of Jelena's photos evokes a feeling of quiet and solitude, a conversation with Mother Earth.

Although I have a law degree, I worked for a long time on ferries to England, Ireland and Italy. This time gave me a great experience. I realized how evil and deceitful people can be and how unpredictable nature can be blessing to you. I have lived through both natural and spiritual storms. The world of photography I discovered after the birth of my second child four years ago. I am absolutely self-taught in this area. When I prepare for a photo shoot, I pick the costumes and locations myself.

To me photography is a reflection of my experiences, thoughts and situations that changed me.
The series "In the blue dress" is about the revelation of the human soul with nature. Any human being can be himself only in a setting of nature because nature will never judge. Sometimes you just need to have that moment of loneliness with the nature to understand your own being.

All photos by Jelena Osmolovska