The Feeling of Loss in Photo Series "Fenna, dealing with life..." by Erica v. Karsbergen

Erica V. Karsbergen is a portrait photographer from Nederland who envisioned a variation on 'found art'  during a period of personal loss. The whole series dedicated to her daughter.

Ever since I started shooting I've worked on having my own recognizable style. The use of dark and light, like the old dutch masters, interests me very much and I try to apply that in my pictures. My style defines itself by the Dutch influences. All materials used in my shoots come from thrift stores; I find it important that everything is recycled. My view is what's already on the earth is enough to create new art.

My daughter Fenna is always around me so I started taking pictures of her. I wanted to give her a legacy, so that after I am gone she will have pictures, little pieces of art, made by her mother especially for her.

Now a few years later I still enjoy taking pictures and creating the art which makes me so happy. It is the light in my life and it is still dedicated to Fenna.

All the pictures that were chosen for "Fenna, dealing with life..." project were taken in a period of mourning, having lost a loved one. They all refer to that period in my life. The feeling of loss...

All photos by Erica v. Karsbergen