A Story of Romeo & Juliet by Ottavio Marino

Ottavio Marino is an Italian photographer who is fascinated by the painting and classical sculpture which informs his unique style in photography.

After years of a career in cultural planning, and after several theatrical experiences as a writer and director, I felt the need to express myself through photography. Two years ago I bought my first camera and at first I was afraid to use it, not knowing how to use it. Then I realized that through its lens I could create ideas and images-based on what I have cherished in my life. When I photograph I never like to talk about the photo shoots, I speak only through images. What I tell through pictures are really stories told through light, because after all a photographer is nothing but a "thief" of light.

I always loved the play Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare and I have always held the belief too many TV and film adaptations have somehow stolen the original work and the pathos that breath dramatic whose story is so rich. Too many, in my opinion, have mitigated the sense of tragedy that the author wanted to give to his creations. Therefore, to tell the story of the two young lovers from Verona I used the element of "subtraction", I tried to remove the entire baroque apparatus which in my opinion is so unnecessary. I stripped reducing everything to the essential matter, the story of these two young people whose love condemned them to a fate of death. So I wanted to tell through images what I have always conceived as an ordeal, a painful path, rugged, marked by a creeping and ferocious violence.

All photos by Ottavio Marino