Dancing Shadows in Photographs of Ekaterina Shevtsova

Moscow-based photographer Ekaterina Shevtsova creates beautiful photography inspired by her daughter's hobbies.

I have two daughters, they are 16 and 12 years old. When they were little, I bought my first camera and went to a photo school. Since then I can’t stop learning. My friends are joking that I’m a perpetual student. I’m especially fond of taking photos of my children’s interests – so you can see horses and dancing on my pictures. My photos are often dark. Darkness helps me to see the light. I hope they are warm.

About Dancing Shadows.... My daughter goes for choreography lessons to a Musical school. I take photos of the lessons and performances which allows me to see many interesting things at once – the girls’ feelings, their relationships with one another. Like the proverbial fly on the wall, they are used to my presence and don’t pay any attention to me. This is almost like being invisible and gives me an access to the truth of their creativity and life.

All photos by Ekaterina Shevtsova