Photo Series 'Night - Deserted City' by Elisa Imperi

Elisa Imperi is a photographer from Perugia, Italy. She approaches photography as an autodidact, studying and reading books on the floors of libraries and taking photographs of the streets of her adopted town. Elisa photographs in both digital and analog.

It all started after my graduation, about two years ago. After finishing school I had to go back to my little town. Right in the first weeks I began one photographic work that took often kept me out late into the night. I remember one evening in October, it was around 10.30 p.m, I was alone at the wheel of my car driving through the deserted streets. I began to see an almost new city, one in which I haven't many acquaintances or friends. An unfamiliar place where I felt alone. From there I had the thought that "I could throw all my emotions" into my photos, I could try to "accept" this new reality. So, I started to shoot with this woman in the red jacket, alone in the deserted streets of the night.

Everything started one evening when the thought was born that perhaps only through photography could I inhabit this new reality. The next day while I opening some moving boxes, I found a red jacket which was probably my mother's. My mind made a connection with the ideas of the previous night, and so with two girls, Giulia and Valentina who live near my home, I started to take some photos. In this way, through this project I began to discover this darkened landscape, the people who populate it and my place amongst them.

All photos by Elisa Imperi