“Abstract Spirituality” by Evie Zimmer

Evie Zimmer is an American artist creating and teaching in Cleveland, Ohio.  Her work has been described as a "strange loop" of process and product. Her oil paintings radiate an energy field not unlike traditional mandalas with acidic colors transforming into soothing pastels, and geometric patterns melting into exotically organic shapes.

I have always been an artist. As early as I can remember I have been drawing and painting.  It was a comfort during a difficult childhood and my quiet meditation now.  My early work focused on portraits of loved ones and gradually evolved into colorful, abstracted faces.  From that, my work matured into a visual expression of the non-visual; music, energy, thoughts, and emotion. Although I have experimented with many mediums, I prefer the vibrancy and versatility of oil paint.  It allows me to make smooth gradations as well as hard edges.  Scale is also very important.  I believe the large size of my paintings allows the viewer to feel enveloped by the work. I am very meticulous and meditative in my process.  Similar to the creation of sand mandalas by the Buddhists, I express my gratitude and sincere appreciation for life and love while I work.  New ideas blossom from this reactionary process where I try to balance the polarity of nature and the human experience; often combining geometric patterns with organic shapes and cool colors with warm. My influences are simple, Op Art.  I love it.  Although I adore all forms of art, I always find myself standing in front of a Vasarely or an Anuszkiewicz painting much longer than any other.  The vivid colors, intricate designs, and visual energy are mesmerizing.

In the "Abstract Spirituality" series of paintings I explore the connection between spiritual energy and the artist. The act of creating is my meditation; yet the meditation becomes the painting.  I use vibrant colors and intricate designs to create a glimpse into worlds that do not exist in our physical reality.

ArtEvie Zimmer Paintings