In Mexican Open Ocean by Jorge Cervera Hauser

Jorge Cervera Hauser is an executive producer at Calypso Media, co-director at Pelagic Life, and producer of the documentary feature México Pelágico.

It's quite astonishing how little we know about underwater life. Jorge introduces us to the lives of ocean creatures through his documentary and photography work.

I’ve been drawn to the open ocean my whole life, oddly enough thanks to a sport fishing business my grandfather used to run. Even though my whole career has revolved around advertising and production, for me it was always a means to an end so I could get away once in a while and explore the ocean. This led me to team up with some friends in Pelagic Life, an NGO based in Mexico City that aims to protect the Mexican open ocean and its species; as well as produce the film México Pelágico, which you can find on Netflix.

Following my passion has taken me on a quest through conservation and self-discovery. The purpose of my photography is to share with others all the amazing natural riches we have, and few people acknowledge; we need to get to know something before caring for it, and there is a lot to know under the vast blue surface that covers 70% of our planet.

May the thirst for exploration never cease.

Here is a México Pelágico trailer. Make sure to take a look. The full film is available on Netflix.