Pencil Carving by Taiwan Artist Lee Chien Chu

Lee Chien Chu from Taiwan is a self-taught pencil carving artist who has mastered a remarkable art form.

I have been looking to master this form since Oct 2010.  I work on a micro scale and put a lot of time into this. This looks like a normal pencil but you will be amazed to see what comes out of it.

These are wonderful tiny art not easy being unseen. I am overcoming the obvious difficulties through patience, technology, tools and a steady hand. Whenever I start to feel like it’s just too difficult I try to find motivation in the everyday objects around. This usually leads to a refreshed soul and some good work. I try to give best every time because I never know if there is next time. So I will push my limits to get more great work.

Let me share with you my work; I hope you agree you've never seen anything quite like this!

All photos by Lee Chien Chu