Stories of Hidden Beauty by Italian Photographer Cristina Coral

For her series ‘Stories of Hidden Beauty’ Italian photographer Cristina Coral created beautiful intimate portraits with intense inner dialogues.

I lived my childhood in an artistic ambience. My father was a composer. Music and art have always been a very important part of my life. After graduation and several different work experiences I have chosen the camera as my main artistic expression.

My approach to photography and its development was almost entirely self- taught. I immediately understood what the camera could give me in terms of experimentation and discovery of the world around me and, more over, of myself. In a very personal way, photography has become an imperative language.

My work is triggered by different pulses: observation of reality, random thoughts and the emotional baggage of memories.

Many of my pictures have been featured and/or published in several magazines as: Huffington Post, De., Rai News, Fotografia Magazine, Fubiz, Lóeil, Lenscratch, Lens Culture, Jungle Magazine, Juliet art, Worbz, PhotoPhore, Daily Best, International Business Times, Beautiful Bizarre and many other. I have also worked for several fashion designer, VogueItalia, Einaudi editor.

Hidden Beauty Stories is a project where I don’t highlight the external beauty but attempt to capture the traces of an internal dialogue. My female figures are closeted in their intimacy, almost in self-analysis of themselves, introspective, searching. The facial features are sometimes hidden to avoid any contact to the external world that could disturb this intense inner dialogue. Female figures are absent, but at the same time present in their intimacy. At the same time, the complexity of the female figure can be the best interpreter of my vision and for me the best way to express feelings.

Ancient spaces and rooms where the female figures enter into intimacy with themselves, always drifting between memories, beauty and dreamlike visions.

All this as time goes on...

All photos by Cristina Coral