Series of "Fragile Identities" by Gundula Blumi

Gundula Blumi grew up in a little town in northern Germany near the sea. When she was 20, she moved to Berlin to work with mentally handicapped persons and to study Cultural Work & Arts Management. During the years in Berlin the city and its atmosphere gave her many new impulses and her passion for experimental photography developed.

I started to photograph when I was a child, in this time and later when I was a teenager I primarily wanted to capture special moments with my camera to remember and until today documentation, the capturing of "real" scenes, is very important for me. A few years ago I found pleasure in experimental techniques to create surreal moments that never existed in real life.

The series "Fragile Identities" is about bizarre and maybe intangible emotions and realities below the surface, about inner conflicts and the contrariness of our personality.

Nobody has only one face, every person has a variety of faces, emotions and identities which are constantly changing. I was inspired by my own experiences and by the people around me like my friends. But I felt also inspired by the persons I work with, because they have very special characters and although I meet them almost every day they surprise me very often. Everyone of them seems to live in her or his own mysterious world, that fascinates me.

The project was created by the interaction of photography, water, light and color like identities or emotions which results also from different interactions and processes. When I start to work on a photography I have no fixed plan, maybe an idea, but the picturearises „automatically“ and often by coincidences which build up a process. Surreal effects resulting from the work with the water, light or color change the picture into a „new“ one with a new impact.

All photos by Gundula Blumi