The Secrets of Time Hidden in Color by Milutin Obradovic

Milutin Obradovic is based in Montenegro. The basic element in his paintings is a horse, a symbol of masculine strength and power which you can see in all his compositional settings, whether it is concerned with the noble visage of its head, powerful jaw, sensual nostrils, sensitive eyes, or the whole body suspended in a strong tension.

I firmly believe that there are surfaces and spaces in this world which I have to fill in. My paintings are not a dull representation of the time we live in. In regard to my paintings, this motif of a horse, specifically of the horse head, in fact symbolizes passion, symbolizes secrets, symbolizes everything which marks the beauty of every creature who walks and shares this planet with us. I have made it pervasive in my art, through a stylized mark of a certain time and some secrets in my, of course, private life.  Here it is how it all looks in colors, on the surface and within the form of these works.