Dollish Fairy Tale by Latvian Self-Taught Artist Vladlena

Latvia-based artist Vladlena is a creator of a unique gallery of dolls.  Since childhood, she was fond of drawing and always wanted to create her own fairy tales.  Now she can. Each of her dolls exists in a single copy and pleases with its inimitable uniqueness.

It all started by simple chance when I once was given a broken marionette. I mended and decorated it in my own style. Then I thought she needed a partner to keep her company. So, I made one. Now doll making has become my hobby and an important part of my life. Sometimes, while working on a dolls face, I can clearly see in my imagination the surroundings in which the doll is going to live in. But another time the doll is the one that dictates the conditions. I invite you to dive into the world of fairy tales, imagination and childhood.