Skin and Flowers by Photographer Niki Genchi

Milan-based photographer Niki Genchi creates a series on the simple and elegant beauty of the female skin.

I started taking pictures from a young age when my mother gave me my first camera. It was a Polaroid 636 close up that I still use. Growing up I developed a great love for cinema that led me graduate in humanities with a thesis in Pasolini’s cinema, and a diploma at the cinema academy of my home town Bari. During this time I dedicated myself to independent filmmaking, writing screenplays, directing and photography of several short films. Subsequently I moved to Milan where I decided to study photography in Jhon Kaverdash academy. After completing my technical preparation, I won a post-graduate scholarship in a masters of photography and visual design developed in collaboration by NABA and FORMA. I love photography because it allows to express my emotions without words.

Skin and Flowers is a photographic serial project born with the intention to investigate the relationship between the beauty of the female skin and the textures of flowers and plants, through the conscious use of light, colors, geometric shapes and the digital instrument.

All photos by Niki Genchi

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