Spitsbergen, a Crown of Arctic Norway, by Alex Mazurov and Anastasia Glebova

Travel stories from photographers and adventurers, Alex and Anastasia, have that perfect combination of unique and thoughtful imagery and text. Their photographs are so realistic, you can almost experience that particular destination as they did. For example, have you ever heard about island named Spitsbergen (also known as Svalbard)?

In their blog Near The Lighthouse, Alex and Anastasia start their story of Spitsbergen as following: "You must have imagined a specific virus of planet’s coolest soils, haven’t you? Fortunately, the matter has nothing to do with your health. It was not even discovered by a doctor but by the Russian poet – Robert Rojdestvesnkiy – who uttered it in his verse. He said, that if you had ever been to the Arctic, you would certainly get an arctic disease and would flush with never-ending passion of coming back."

Don't know about you, but we got that arctic disease just by looking at the outstanding photography of Spitsbergen, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.