Apnea by Gabriele Viertel

Gabriele Viertel is an award winning Netherlands-based German Photographer. She has garnered recognition for her otherwise otherworldly concepts, transcending the boundaries between two worlds, the one of contemporary fine art photography and the classical painting of old masters. The magical, surreal atmosphere and a chiaroscuro lighting are characteristic means of expression. Gabriele does not consider herself a photographer by definition, but an image-maker of stagings to communicate aesthetics and the perception of beauty.

I portray people - the form of their bodies and their different kind of beauty, inspired by movement expression and performing arts, especially dance. I celebrate the perception of beauty - beauty without any attempt to glamour. The camera is my tool to make stagings pictorially.
I am interested in the interpretation of terms such as nudity, sentiments and desires - always committed to the aesthetics. In my underwater work I use the natural element of water to take advantage of the neutralization of gravity. Visibility of the presence of water is of secondary importance. My goal is to let the work speak for itself and tell it’s own story - a story only unfolding by the willingness of creation.

All photos by Gabriele Viertel