Chai Wan Fire Station by Chan Dick

Chan Dick is a Hong Kong photographer whose personal works have caught as much as, if not more, public attention as his commercial works. In 2015, his photo book of picturesque bird-eyed views of Chai Wan Fire Station won him the Hong Kong Photo Book Award. His earlier works include Escapers that touches on the odds of escaping from a totalitarian regime, and War, a photo story taken for kart racing aficionados to support the construction of a racing circuit in Hong Kong.

I was working at my workshop one day when I heard some noise coming from the bathroom. Curious, I opened the window and looked down below: firemen playing volleyball! For the next month, I dedicated myself to observation. Bit by bit, I discovered the routine of this small, unusual space: professional training in the morning, volleyball in the evening. In between, there would be some kindergarten field trips, a few special training exercises and then the occasional official inspection. The scene was surreally picturesque for a coincidental discovery, so I decided to pick up my camera and capture the scenes of the fire station — rarely seen by the public — through my tiny window.

All photos by Chan Dick