Digital Drawings by Levi Wolffe

Levi Wolffe is a young artist based in Germany who is ready to make an impact on the world. He came up with his first drawing using a tablet PC. At first Levi used it for sketches, but then it started playing with colors and lines. During the last year he got more and more into digital work while living in shared flat in a tiny room just about 9 m².

Before I discovered I'm an artist I never really wanted to be one. I always wanted to be the hero that goes on adventures, like the heroes in the video games that I've been playing since my childhood. Apart from Japanese culture (I had a weakness for it since I can remember), video games are probably what inspired me the most. That's why my work is so digital, because I see the world/life as a game and creating my own world allows me to be the hero in it.  If you see life as a game, especially as your own game you can get inspired by absolutely everything.

When I'm working I totally forget about time. For example, I start a drawing at daytime and when it's finished I realize that it's gotten dark outside. I don't notice because I'm immersed in the piece, unaware of anything around me. That moment, that feeling of being out of this world, to me, well, it's a kind of ultimate delight and thios is what I try to share with people through my images. It’s not that I’m trying to make it about me, I’m just following an Impulse born from my aesthetics. It´s like a co-operation with color. I start at one point and because of the whole picture continues to change and evolve, I need to react, over and over until it's finished. The picture even transforms when it's already finished, it always depends on one’s personal view. This is why every person can have a connection with it and the rest comes by itself. I really do love being an artist and creating something that can change the world by reaching through people’s hearts.

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