Tennis Court Loneliness by Flavia Catena

Flavia Catena is an Italian freelance photographer living in the UK. She was born in Sicily whose always inspired Flavia to create.

When I was a teenager I moved to Rome to study. What I always desired was to be a writer, to tell stories of people. And for a number of years my creativity was only focused on that. Then, after I graduated, I moved to Milan. In that period I was searching for something new, for an inspiration, and it was there I discovered my passion for photography. So I started attending photography courses, to think that there was another way to express my feelings and my idea of life. I made the decision to study photo-journalism, and from that day on – three years ago now – I never stopped taking photos and dreaming of ways to write beautiful stories through them.

With my project "Tennis Court Loneliness" I wanted to create images where lines, geometry and essential colors could catch the eye of those who were looking at them. At the same time I liked the idea of giving a sense of elegance and human loneliness, thanks to the poses and expressions, to the photographs.

All photos by Flavia Catena