Timeless City İstanbul & Faces by Mustafa Dedeoğlu

Mustafa Dedeoğlu is an Istanbul-based photographer. He first got into photography in 2006. With time his interest became an ever-growing passion in his life. In his creations Mustafa prioritizes composition, the story that he aims to tell, the emotional value of the image and its aesthetic qualities. To Mustafa, style in photography is first of all a reflection of his personality and philosophy in each and every photo he takes, rather than a series of similar photos taken with same technique.

The city that has been carrying the wisdom of hundreds of years, timeless city of Istanbul...
The project is result of 7 years work and intends to reflect the atmosphere of the unique story of Istanbul - the city that has been home to many cultures for centuries, although it's majestic silhouette has remained largely unchanged. The key element of the project is focusing on emotional value of the images and keeping a sense of time apart. Rather than presenting modern looks of Istanbul, this series of photos focuses on back streets of the city, its historical quarters and melancholic elements, paying tribute to its inhabitants as well with their portraits

All photos by Mustafa Dedeoğlu