Eyeball, Short Film Written by Nadya Zimmerman

Nadya Zimmerman is a self-taught photographer, composer, travel blogger, art lover, and one of the founders of The Artbo magazine who realized her childhood dream to make a movie. Nadya wrote a script for a short film, Eyeball and got her husband, Robert Zimmerman, to direct it.


Our story follows Jack who is an amiable, grounded guy who is very passionate about music, travel and, once they meet, Jennifer. In a ‘not quite here, not quite now’ world, things are looking up for our lovebirds, he likes her, she likes him and love is in the air. Then Jack starts to notice something happening around him, something creeping, something he can only see in the corner of his Eyeball.

This short film is all about the difference between human interdependence and 'virtual' interdependence.  We crave experience, but increasingly we seek that experience through the flat screens which we carry in our pockets, our purses, that surround us in our homes; screens that seem to follow us everywhere we go. Television, laptops, tablets, phones and now eyewear have seduced us into a reality that has nothing to do with the touch of a hand, a whisper in the ear or a simple kiss on the cheek. We want people to realize progress has never been a simple bargain - there are always hidden costs!

Part of my inspiration for Eyeball comes from my favorite books: 1984 and Brave New World. Another part of my inspiration comes from my own experience with the world around me. Every time I go outside I see people on the streets, in the restaurants with their phones, tablets and they are so consumed by them. I always thought it looked kind of ugly. And one day I realized I had started to become one of these people. I was scared by my own willingness to become sucked into something so disconnected with the physical world. So I wrote a script to express my idea of what’s going on right now with humanity and how technology influences us and changes us into something 'less than.' It’s actually interesting that with any technological progress we enclose ourselves more deeply into a box, more separated from ourselves and the physical world. And with the progress of technology that box becomes smaller and smaller and ever more difficult to escape.

I am not saying technology is bad. Technology can be, and always has been, a great tool in so many ways. Unfortunately, we humans allow ourselves to be enslaved by technology in exchange for a comfort zone. We've lost control of our interaction with technology. We are now largely controlled by our addiction to it. And it’s scary to imagine what’s next.

When I was 7-years old I knew so many names of stars and constellations of stars, I knew where to find them in the sky. To look into the night sky and talk with my relatives or friends about what is out there and how infinite the Universe is was a totally normal thing for so many young people. And my imagination was huge! Now this knowledge has been washed from my mind. Today I'll bet if you ask teenagers when the last time they looked into the sky and asked THEMSELVES (not google) a question about the universe, stars, etc.... their answer would be NEVER. Today every generation is growing more comfortable with restricting their world to the confines of a small glowing screen. And there is a reason for it. People say with technology we got access to information and knowledge. But I have to ask in response what kind of information? Of what quality is the content? Mostly, it's trash. The internet has the ability to deliver amazing, useful and even critical information, but how do most of us use it? FB? TMZ? Porn? Bullying? Trash talking complete strangers? Falling in love with a digital picture whose only warmth comes from an LED screen? How we love to share crap and read crap. What knowledge! You need to be totally brainwashed to believe this is an upgrade to the human condition. The digital consequence we are creating is a monster that is already destroying our ability to interact with our world and each other as humans.

Technology isn't going anywhere. But I hope our film Eyeball will make at least few people to stop, to think and to come out of their boxes to experience the real world just a bit more.

Just as air in the atmosphere of the body, so time is the atmosphere of the mind. Who owns your time, owns your mind. Own your own time and you will know your own mind.

I want to say a huge thank you to an amazing cast and crew who believed into this project and made it real. There are no words that could express my true appreciation. Another dream of mine came true. A movie was made.

All photos by Nadya Zimmerman

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