Felt in Fashion by Diana Nagorna

Diana Nagorna is an artist and textile designer graduated from Donetsk State Art College and Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (Ukraine). For few years Diana was looking for a new material through which she could express herself more fully. And one day she found it. This is how felting became her main type of work where she amazingly implements a wide variety of designs.

I work with natural wool and many other natural fibers and fabrics in the technique of hot felting, and Nuno-felting. By combining these materials I can create any objects or forms - interior sculpture, various fashion apparel, accessories and jewelry. My work with felt is my non-verbal language to communicate with the world.

I get inspiration from everywhere – from the smell of the sea and the beauty of mountains, from the nature, mostly from silence. My ideas are mostly born in silence.

Watch video to see the process of creation:

Photos from Diana's collections:

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