Mindscapes by the Artist Thekla Papadopoulou

Thekla Papadopoulou was born in Limassol, Cyprus. Her abstract works encompass a wide range of mixed media techniques including the use of sand, vitro, acrylic and oil, varnish, collage and found materials. With great dexterity she then synthesizes these disparate elements into a refined chromatic harmony - paintings at once ambivalent, monumental and enigmatic.

I use motifs in the landscape and the landscape itself as starting points for highly personal dialogues with the natural world. My work is characterized by richly textured surfaces which evoke the dynamics of the unfettered motion of the sea and the brooding power and mystery of the landscape.

These transitory and evocative images are not representational, but seek instead to elicit the sensations, memories and wonder associated with our experiences and encounters with raw nature.