The Eagle Hunters of Mongolia by Asher Svidensky

Asher Svidensky is a freelance photographer specializing in art photography with a strong passion for documentary storytelling. His Eagle huntress series is remarkable for its sense of wonder and its evocation of a fantasy brought to life.

Asher writes in his blog: "During my last voyage to Mongolia, I flew over to Ulgii (or ölgii), the capital of the far west. I went there in order to document the Kazakh eagle hunters' lives in west Mongolia. These eagle hunters, who preserve an old tradition that’s passed from generation to generation, tame eagles and use them for hunting smaller animals, such as foxes and marmots. The eagle hunter’s families live on this side of Mongolia after having migrated between Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia until the fall of communism and closing of all borders. The tradition’s preservation was what drew me to them. They preserve it without any touristic intent. Unlike in Kazakhstan, they have maintained the purity of the tradition. These Kazakh eagle hunters, who live in Mongolia today, are the last ones on earth who still deserve the title ‘Eagle Hunter’. It is not merely a title to them, but a way of life."

All photos by Asher Svidensky