"My Daughter" by Milou Krietemeijer-Dirks

Milou Krietemeijer-Dirks is a children’s portrait photographer from the Netherlands. She uses photography as a way of capturing life and beauty.

Photography has been a passion for me since adolescence.  Two years ago I started to make portraits of children in my photo studio at home here in the Netherlands. I love playing with light and shadows and using warm colors like the old Dutch and Flemish painters.  Of course I started to ask my daughter Juna to work with me as a model. She was adopted from China at young age.  She is the light of our lives and I love her deeply and dearly.

My series is about our journey together. Doing these photo shoots my daughter shows us her pureness, her innocence, her vulnerability, her feelings. In an unprejudiced way, I believe these are intimate and intense portraits.

They show different feelings such as insecurity, loss, loneliness, doubt, love. They are also about pride, loyalty, searching for identity and blending into a different culture. She has to deal and cope with lots of unanswered questions about her (Chinese) background.

It is an ongoing project. It is very special to have the opportunity to create art together. It gives us a new dimension of bonding together. My daughter is full of ideas and inspiration herself. My wish is to continue to photograph her and document her journey into young adulthood.