Fish Tales by Katie McCann

Katie McCann is an English collage artist currently living and working in Berkeley, California. She has exhibited her work in the USA and Europe.

Fish Tales is a journey documenting the strange beauty of the ocean. I have created a series of collages that reflect the creatures of my imagination. As a child, I lived in a wonder world of faeries, witches, science fiction and zoology. Not much has changed, the only difference being that I now record all of my thoughts and stories in the form of intricately cut and pieced together collages. I seek out many different images from books and old Vogue magazines and I transform these paper records into other worldly creatures who are sometimes static like specimens and at other times are surviving in unique habitats. Every tiny detail is important in my collages so I only use scissors in order that I can cut the finest feather, vein or tendril. I am inspired by the art of Jan Svankmajer, Beatrix Potter and Charles Altamont Doyle whose quote, "I have known such a creature" is how I begin all of my collages. I see my art as part of a Cabinet of Curiosity - a collection of peculiar animals, birds and insects that may or may not exist but will always lay hidden in dusty drawers waiting to be discovered.

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