“L’attesa” by Stefania Sammarro

Stefania Sammarro is an Italian photographer based in Calabria, with a passion for digital and analogue photography. She is also a writer/blogger and she writes for many magazines about her territory (and cinema.) Stefania is an ardent fan of fantasy books, fairy tales and stories of imagination. This unconditional passion for the mystical is reflected in almost all of her creative portraits of female protagonists, bringing out the romanticism, deep emotions and the subject’s lost soul to the fore.

With the photo shoot “L’attesa”, I wanted to tell the story of a woman waiting for a husband long gone: I was inspired by the "life" of my grandmother, a fragile lover of the idea of love. The model in the scene is Laura Frederick, a recurrent partner in my visions. We’ve work together enough we now have created a remarkable, unspoken symbiosis and alchemy. The photographs in this case is a staging of reality, although many items are left to chance . The house is cold, heat switched off, it is a place that freezes the memories, where the dust is alive and where everything has remained as it was. Thede are stories that will run through the soul, stories of a distant past, a time spent, women and men who "are more". I wanted to give voice, through the body of Laura , the great emptiness of a woman exhausted by existing in longing and failure.

All photos by Stefania Sammarro