The Roots, Sexually Explicit Series, by Armands Grundmanis

Armands Grundmanis is a fine art photographer based in Latvia who shoots black and white nudes.

We. Us. As human beings we are not only a material substance, biological mechanism. We are much more. Inception of Life source are roots. They are cradle of power and truth. The roots as continuation of infinity offers us countless options of life. Can you be the one, who you really are? Just like us, just like any living creature, tree, flower, even a cliff has it’s roots, by destroying them we stop ourselves. Only by remembering what we truly are we will be able to see the future we are creating, life we are living and the world we are shaping. When the tree will grow new sprouts, the flowers will bloom, the knoll will become a mountain, only then will the human become the creator.

All photos by Armands Grundmanis