The World from Above by Jassen Todorov

Jassen Todorov is an award winning photographer - his images have been featured by National Geographic, the Guardian, and many others. An active pilot and flight instructor, he specializes in aerial photography, featuring both popular and remote parts of the world.

I got into aerial photography about two years ago. In July 2014, I flew from San Francisco to Yellowsone National Park, Wyoming (a distance of more than 1,000 miles each way) - it was that trip that inspired me to begin sharing my images with family, friends and the community. It was also thanks to Jeanne Modderman and other editors at National Geographic's Yourshot online community who have been so supportive:

I have been flying airplanes for about 15 years and am happy to have this rare opportunity to explore our world from above.

All photos by Jassen Todorov