Watercolor Illustrations by Anna Kandelaki

Anna Kandelaki is a young illustrator and watercolor artist. Born in Tbilisi in 1993, she entered Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 2011 and got BA degree in 2015. Now she is working on her Master Degree. Anna is one of the main members of IWS (International Watercolor Society) Georgia and took part in some group exhibitions in Tbilisi. Also she was invited to India, New Delhi as Georgia’s representative on IWS International biennale. She works at a children’s magazine as an illustrator and a designer. Anna is also an arts teacher; she wants to show the youngsters that they can create beauty and visual expressions of themselves. Anna’s art is an extraordinary visualization of artist’s dreams and ambitions, her thoughts of world and her ability to control different media. She believes that art can bring inner peace.


Artwork by Anna Kandelaki

Anna Kandelaki