U Conzu by Riccardo Colelli

Riccardo Colelli was born in Milan in 1971. After touring Italy for work, he moved to Catania in 2014. Attracted to the visual arts and cinema in particular, Riccardo approaches photography as an autodidact in 2011. From 2014 began a "Cinderella research project not Live Here Anymore" of which he has developed 3 of 8 stories in project, reviewing the key in human myth, revealing flaws and weaknesses.

The origins of all Italians were farmers, linked to the land and its cycles. Nevertheless all this is too often forgotten, as if it belonged to us more, or even worse, as if there had never belonged. The beauty of the land, the smell of sweat, sacrifice of our grandparents, the secrets of the farmers and their wisdom, so many times transmitted by popular sayings or nursery rhymes. Now a parallel world that is disappearing, that seems to be able to see but not touch, as if you were dissolving under our eyes, but fortunately still alive in some rural reality.

Traditions that are now keepers only the elderly, the last bastion of the ancient wisdom of that magical world related to the land that we have already lost and forgotten. "U Conzu" tells the traditional harvest on the foot, away from the industrial processing, now considered outlawed by European taxes, but which guaranteed the wine to Italian families for centuries. It 'a development personal photo, where silence, fatigue, sweat and violence reign supreme. Violent as the work of man on the grape must, and after various processes is collected, cut with a hatchet and pressed up to bring out the nectar like blood. The blood of the earth U Conzu ispart of a project that aims to tell farming traditions of Sicily, preserved only by the elderly. Wine, olive oil and herding. The harvest of grapes, for these realities is a true social rite .The title is in Sicilian dialect, indicate the grape must collected in a cylindrical shape.

All photos by Riccardo Colelli