Haenyeo: Women of the Sea by Hyung S.Kim

Hyung S.Kim is a photographer, born in Seoul, Korea. He has immersed himself in taking pictures of female divers which are called 'Haenyeo' in Jeju Island since 2012.

The photographer, Hyung S. Kim who was inspired by the historical and geographical uniqueness of “Haenyeo” known as a female diver for living, has been in Jeju Island since 2012 capturing photos of Haenyeo’s everyday life.  There has been multitude of publications and video clips about Haenyeo in the past but Hyung S. Kim has taken a new perspective on Haenyeo.  His picture shows the most natural state of Haenyeo coming out from diving, whilst the artist waiting countless days to get approved by Haenyeo and capturing the most natural moment. Through his works, you can take a glimpse of the true reflection of Haenyeo’s daily life.

All photos by Hyung S.Kim