Everyday Circus by Maja Karen Hansen

Maja Karen is a Copenhagen based photographer specialized in people and stilleben. Her photography is simple and aesthetic with a touch of something odd. The emphasis being atmosphere and emotion.  

Photography is my craft, it is volatile but lingering. It is story telling through my eyes interpreted through yours. Photography should convey an emotion, a curiosity, a need to want to know more. It is creating a universe, the viewer is drawn into. Photography is a respite, a dream, a channel for my creativity. Here I constantly evolve. One of my great inspiration sources is nature. Beautiful, wild and always changing. Nature is mysterious and honest, it is raw and naked. It fascinates me. Photography is a part of me. It is my passion, my product, my livelihood.

The series "Everyday Circus" can be interpreted in many different ways. For me it illustrates how we all live our lives. Individuals yet alike, struggling with everyday life.

All photos by Maja Karen