Nude Art and Landscape by Korbinian Vogt

Korbinian Vogt is a photographer from Munich.

This Series was captured at Vatnaj√∂kull, Iceland with Johannsdottir. I search for unspoiled landscapes to capture the harsh and elementary nature.  I would like to escape the trist and unreal environment and return to the reality that I see for myself. It allows me to express my feelings and get my head clean, away from the daily stress and routine.  In Cities i feel like many people are almost in a trance and don't realize their surrounding. I'm afraid of that. 

The concept of Nude Art and Landscape is important, for me, it should show people that these places exist and let them think. The Images should feel authentic and have an element which people can relate to, the Person in the Image.

All photos by Korbinian Vogt