Promenade by Jungho Lee

Jungho Lee is a Korean artist based in Seoul.  He has been working as an illustrator for various media since 2007.  Recently, he has focused on works for books and making his own picture book.

I am usually interested in surrealism of visual language so I tried to study again a kind of surrealism artists such as René Magritte for my project. Especially, I have inspired from German artist Quint Buchholz because he already had worked many paintings about the theme of 'book'. I tried to study his works deeply because I had to avoid same composition when I compared with his works. The most important thing was to find a good composition for a good matching with message through each illustrations, so I tried to throw a light on a book with many angle for observation and to compose with many kind of books as standing, folding and opening a book.

Artwork by Jungho Lee