Wonder Land by Isabel Val

Isabel Val starts in photography accidentally while working as a reporter for different Spanish music magazines as Ruta 66. After graduating in Visual Arts and Artistic Photography, she transforms her passion for music into experimental photography projects with projects as Vibraciones, where she creates a series of chemigrams generated by the musical vibration. In 2015, she moved to Budapest where she obtains a remarkable recognition for her project Lights of Budapest about the communist neons signs in the city.

Wonder Land,  marvelous land but also the place where asking questions to yourself.    

I arrived to Hungary in May of 2015, ready to make a change and enjoy the summer innewsurroundings. along with my Pentak K1000 and a bunch of expired slide film.    

These photographs are moments and places that attracted me, film experiments, small puzzle pieces that shape my vision of thisexperience. Sometimes it's just a dreamy – and unreal- place where I managed to escape from routine but specially it's the place where I am forced to doubt, to rethink, to grow up.    

At the end of the summer season, it was time to stop, have a look at all the images and, like in my personal experience, realize how, even when everything looks random or chaotic, all the pieces are connected in some way and they help each other to create a global meaning.

All photos by Isabel Val