Konadu Basic School by Lisa Weatherbee

Lisa Weatherbee is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in NYC.  She is invested in the power that photography has to shape our social consciousness.  Her work is a continuing exploration of love, family and the magic of childhood in all of its beautiful forms.

I traveled to the village of Tanoboase Ghana, in partnership with Photographers Without Borders and the Thaakat foundation to tell the story of Konadu Basic School, a free school started by a man named Clement Boamah.  He saw the need in a village where many children, particularly girls, didn’t attend any kind of school at all.  It was my first time in Africa, and though at many times I found myself feeling far out of my comfort zone, it was an experience I will never forget.  As a photographer, I am always conscious of moving beyond the simple “taking” of pictures.  For me, the best photos come from collaboration between myself and the subject. I like to allow them to show me who they are.  This project was also my way of “giving back”, using the power of photography to shine a light on individuals and a particular cause that would benefit from the work.  I have an interest in finding the beauty in the every day, and though there are many differences between Ghanaian society and the one I grew up in, I hope that my work can serve to show how in many important ways, there is a common thread - we all love, all laugh, we strive, we work - we are not so different as we sometimes think that we are.

All photos by Lisa Weatherbee