Dievs Daba Darbs by Viktorija Eksta

Viktorija Eksta is a visual artist, model and trainer based in Latvia.

There are certain similarities between visits to an abandoned house and archeological expedition. It’ s all about the research of the objects and their placement. Cleaning the dust in attempts to restore the traces of once upon a time.
— (excerpt from my diary, autumn 2013)

It is an artistic research of an abandoned farmstead in Latvian country side conducted from 2013 to 2015. The house was already abandoned for a few years and began to merge with nature - birds, butterflies and flies have started to live there. Also plenty of belonging covered with dust remained. Furniture, kitchen utensils, jars, clocks, saws... and a wardrobe full of female clothes. I studied this environment as a natural archive that was created by former residents and allowed to look at the life that once was there from a more personal point of view than by studies of the official historical records. I did not have and illusion of an opportunity to get a clear picture of this life because my “historical observations” mingled with personal childhood memories and present experiences without realizing when exactly this happens. For shooting I used only available material (clothes, objects and light etc.) and myself as a model. This project has been exhibited for the first time in Ziemelblazma Art Space in Riga in June 2015.Project was exhibited as a solo exhibition in Ziemelblazma art space (Riga, Latvia) and internationally as a part of the group shows of Baltic art photographers in Pingayo Photo Festival, New Delhi Photo Festival, Bratislava Photo Festival, Bremen Photo month, Riga Photography Biennale etc.

Photos by Viktorija Eksta