#Ophelieandthegirls by Ophelie Rondeau

Ophelie Rondeau is a film photographer born in France in based in Berlin. Herseries #Ophelieandthegirls documents reprise with an insight into a girl’s formative years and the importance of female friendships.

I think the female gaze is as equally important as every other gaze. We all see and perceive things differently, therefore it's important to evolve in a culture where every gaze is represented, for one to better understand others for instance. There is an obsession with the female gaze going on these days, and I think it's great to make and give space for women to share their vision, but points of view do not only differ according to gender but also to generations, origins, religion, and so many more aspects. 

Feminism wasn't born yesterday and it's great to see that it's still in conversations but at the same time it also means that after all these years and efforts, the issues remain pretty much the same. Talking about an issue is good and can be progressive but doing something about it is much more rewarding. The problem with feminism today is that it is often associated with unshaven body parts and that's what seems to be at the centre of the conversation. A sort of trend that has developed within social media. It's great to teach future generations to love their body and feel free to do whatever they want with it, but I think if we are to make any head way in becoming an equal and unite world, it must be in the tackling of wider issues that affect us by day.

All photos by Ophelie Rondeau