Tragic Murder Of A Hamburger by Ilka and Franz

Ilka & Franz are an Austrian/German photographer duo based in London (UK). They are interested in quirky and minimalist conceptual work involving people, objects and animals.

The project almost started with the title - "Tragic Murder of a Hamburger." We thought it was funny and went with it, almost created the story around the title rather than the other way around. One of the early ideas was to cut up a hot dog with a saw and make a GIF out of it and from there the concept developed. We wanted the ideas behind each of the murder scenes to be really dark and decided on a gun crime in a back alley, a cremation, a drowning, a car crash, and a taco getting sawn into pieces. We wanted to play with the idea of the murder victims really being food-shaped people. The viewer sees a very bright, pastel toned and innocent looking picture but once they work out what is happening, it becomes very different.

All photos by Ilka & Franz