She/Hunger by Scarlett Carlos Clarke

Scarlett Carlos Clarke is the rising British image-maker, photographer, filmmaker and magazine art director.

In my She series I tried to explore the idea of a fantasy woman. I was reading the book Behind Closed Doors: The Art of Hans Bellmer – his sculptures of fragmented adolescent girl dolls were a violent attack on the stereotypes of normal life evident in Nazi art and culture. We always seem to associate dolls with females; the ultimate male projection of the female – physical beauty and perfection; sexual yet void of all emotion. In my series the dolls are naked, physically exposed, vulnerable and morose but deliberately coquettish. I reference 1960′s futurism in the series because it aesthetically pleases me, but I wanted to ‘display’ my dolls amongst universally recognizable objects. In She, I wanted to create a clinical, claustrophobic environment – the dolls are purely my own projection of what the future dolls will be, highly realistic and totally compliant in the hands of their maker/owner.