Erba by Stefania Sammarro

Stefania Sammarro is an Italian photographer based in Calabria, with a passion for digital and analogue photography.

The city was happy in the morning light; places that had shown ugly and suspect all night, now wore a smile; and the glittering sun rays dancing on the windows of the room, and filtered through the curtain before the dormant eyes, shedding light even in dreams, and casting the shadows of the night. 

You used to go every morning to spy on the arrival of the light in the garden. Holding the first cup of coffee, take fortunate to exist, to wake up with nature here, in this corner of the planet, ofrevive and touching the ground, before facing the effort to live ... Breathe eagerly the new day, unpublished , and you understand that this, nothing more than that still represents happiness: drink the dark air. Erba is a series that tells the contrast. L 'barren environment, defined by an old bathroom, mixes the colors of sleeping and dreaming life of the human figure. The grass breath of early morning.

All photos by Stefania Sammarro