Watercolor Paintings by Yuri Lomkov

Yuri Lomkov was born in 1951 in Grozny. Since 1954 I live and work in the city of Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast. After graduating from secondary school he entered the Yaroslavl Art School. 

Theme of my works is the world around me, my land where I live, people and their lifestyle, the White Sea and the river, the northern lakes and swamps, pine on the rocks and the unique northern sky. 

Any trip I plan is an opportunity to see something new, to surprise myself. Sketches, impressions, thoughts generate new pictures. My work in watercolors is the result of trips to Sweden, Spain, South of France - Toulouse, Moliere, Montauban, Carcassonne, Seth, Grenada, Andorra.

Artwork by Yuri Lomkov

ArtYuri Lomkov Paintings