Same Same, but Different by Gregory Bonnefond

Gregory Bonnefond is a French photographer and video-maker.  He travels a lot and currently lives in Barcelona.

"Same same, but different" is a project in which I want to show how the ordinary can become original if we pay attention to it. I look through this photographic series to apprehend the anodyne places of the everyday life with a new eye. A photographic adventure that is a journey to the routine weknow and not to theunknown.                                          

For that I made the parallel with two twin sisters who has identical characteristics. They are dressed the same way except for the color of the shoes as when the twins are tiny and the parents find a detail to differentiate and identify them.                           

This project takes place in Barcelona, n the district of Sants, district where I live without real visual interest. When you live in a city, especially in a neighborhood, you get used to things and the people around you very quickly. We have appropriated the architecture, the elements, and the atmosphere without realizing it.                            

All photos by Gregory Bonnefond