97%, Short Film Directed by Ben Brand

In 2010 Ben Brand graduated as a director from the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam. With his graduation film 'Day by Day' he won the grand jury price for best short at the international Scottish Arts & Film festival in Edinburg. In addition his commercial for the Young Director Award festival in Cannes (2011) won the Golden Hammer in Latvia, the Silver Drum in Slovenia, a Cresta Award in New York, got nominated twice for the Cannes Lions and gained over 50 million views worldwide.

It's interesting that Ben's short film "97%" was written before Tinder app!

Via an app on his phone, Bert discovers that a 97% lovematch is near. Will he find her before the subway reaches the end of the line?

Grinder and Tinder didn’t exist yet when we wrote the film back in 2011. If we would have made the LOVE MATCH APP (which is in the film) instead of the film itself, we probably would be very rich by now. But hey, we are filmmakers, so we need to be poor to not get lazy and make films. Hopefully the film will get seen by lots of people and inspire them to sometimes also look in front of them.

When we started production we knew that shooting on a subway train would be the hardest thing to secure. When we first contacted the Amsterdam transport departement (GVB) they immidiatly said NO. After that we tried it in other city’s but again without any luck. Then we spoke to a colleauge who had made a television series in and about Amsterdam and had a good connection with the director of the GVB. He gave us her contacts and the next day we got a very very easy YES! BUT then, just a week before shooting, we received a letter from the GVB that we could only shoot in a subway train which was open to the general public AND we could only take seven people with us. This was a big problem because we needed a lot of extra’s, story wise and continuity wise. That’s when we thought; Fuck it! We are going to take our +30 extra’s with us SECRETLY! So we gave them a daypass and told them that if someone would ask them what they were doing, “they were going home”. We shot like this for three nights.