Geometry of Daily Life by Luc Vangindertael aka laGrange

Luc Vangindertael aka laGrange is a self taught amateur photographer from Belgium. He started shooting analog in 1967 and nearly abandoned photography by the end of the nineties.

My beloved Nikormat became too heavy to travel with and my interest drifted towards playing guitar in a blues band (hence my nickname laGrange from ZZ Top's famous boogie classic). Nearly 15 years later I rediscovered photography as a way to express my views and feelings on the reality that surrounds me. Digital photography opened a new world to me, one in which I can master an idea from start to finish.

I am fascinated by modern architecture. Shapes, colors, rhythm, it is omnipresent in my photos. I find my subjects in cities, industrial estates or commercial centers, whatever is on my route. The beauty and poetry in ordinary things is what I am looking for. By isolating them from the their environment you give them a different meaning. Sometimes it is pure registration, but most of the time I add some of my own. Can be a line, a color, a cloud, a twist, whatever comes to my mind while developing what comes out of the camera.