Splitting a Saturday by Jack Bernal

Dance and interpretation were things that first came to Jack Bernal as he thought about what he wanted to be when he was older, the dream hasn’t yet crystalized into a specific creative identity. Fed by a great curiosity, on his journey he discovered photography.

I believe photography is a tool for reflection and creativity, capable of provoking thought. I'm interested in working with movement, body, nature and emotions. My inability to define myself with words led me to recognize that elusive self in images, frames, in words and poems. Combining Photography and Action Art in different variants, I create a ‘photo-performance.’ The body itself becomes the artistic medium of my experiences; I want to provoke thinking and spark a search for new aesthetic and conceptual concepts.

About "Splitting a Saturday" project...  A Saturday morning, a city, a street without anything special except for a wall in front of which every person who crosses becomes special by virtue of the unique natures. Inspired by the decomposition of movement of Muybridge and Marey, it is a simple diary of a street, of a neighborhood, of a Saturday morning.

All photos by Jack Bernal

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