Red is the Color of Rubies, Strawberries and Alea by Remi Rebillard

Remi Rebillard is a fashion photographer and an artist devoted exclusively to his personal research since 2009. His work asks us about the estrangement of sensuality and human connectivity through the lens of women. Remi’s photos reveal female sensuality while simultaneously carving a rift of alienation between his models’ bodies and the world they occupy.

In this shoot, we're met with the same eternal themes that touch me time and again: the crumbling world, the lonely landscape, the fragility of a woman's beauty mirroring the fragility of nature around her. Model Alea, is at home in the world and yet, disconnected from it; her unkempt hair and soulful eyes beg the question: "How can innocence and beauty survive in a world that is drifting away?"

All photos by Remi Rebillard