Thai Monk and Novice by Santi Praseeratenang

Santi Praseeratenang started to take a pictures a few years ago.  He didn't ask himself why. He just does it .. everyday .. more and more.

In Thailand, my country, we have various ways of life spread though many different cultures. It's all great material for capturing a moment.

The challenges of controlling lighting, mood and composition without disturbing the essence of the subject are source of great reward when I get it all right, because it then I feel I am sharing the beauty of my country with whole world.

Buddhism is Thailand's state religion and is central to the spirit of the Thai people. This temple was a school and the monk a teacher. Some parents send their children to be a novice, so they can learn and live at the temple.

The Buddhist religion permeates many aspects of everyday life and culture. It is so integrated with Thai daily life it is essentially inseparable.

In this photo set, I'm presenting a picture of the monks and novices who propagate the teachings of Buddha. These pictures are a reminder that once the temple was intended to be a center of education.