Before I Come Undone by Alexandra Bochkareva

Before I Come Undone is a second series published on The Artbo by a portrait and fine-art photographer Alexandra Bochkareva.

I always loved to draw and at home I was drawing everywhere: on the walls, floors, etc.) My dad often photographed us on film with a Zenit and I was familiar with the magic of the ‘Red Room’ since childhood. Then I gave up drawing for a long time and focused on education and work. It was only after giving birth again that I returned to the pencil and watercolors, but couldn't find inspiration. Instead, I got sucked into photography. Photography is what I do now and I cannot imagine my life without this source of inspiration and self-expression. For all my upcoming shoots I write and make sketches. Mostly, my muse is a red haired girl, or the girl with an unusual appearance. I love the natural light and the Soviet manipulative optics (Helios, Jupiter), most of the photos in my portfolio filmed with this combination.

All photos by Alexandra Bochkareva | Model: Alina Parshikova